Membership Benefits

Association of Satellite Dealers and Installers of Nigeria membership benefits offers a series of advantages. Being an ASSDIN member means:

  • to receive first-hand information on the latest directions and decisions of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC)
  • to meet peers and key players in the context of Nigerian Satellite research
  • to influence and contribute to roadmaps for future Nigerian research
  • to be part of an efficient and successful network of experts
  • to speak with one voice and have your interests presented to the Nigerian Communications Commission
  • to gain easy access to excellent project consortia
  • to benefit from an efficient dissemination, refinement and implementation of project activities
  • to accelerate the creation of supply chains for new technology and market opportunities.

Furthermore, a number of services will be provided that will allow you

  • to access the internal area of the ASSDIN web portal and fully participate in the ASSDIN information flow
  • to have unlimited access to the ASSDIN Working Groups
  • to receive the ASSDIN electronic newsletter
  • to participate in special expert workshops, conferences and meetings such as the ASSDIN Partner’s Workshops, Training and Seminars on Satellite Technology
  • to obtain special conditions for other Satellite events connected to ASSDIN.
  • to receive technical information, online help desk, by email or Phone.
  • to pay their yearly fee in Installments.
  • to have an ASSDIN Membership ID No.
  • to have the ASSDIN badge on your website.
  • to have an ASSDIN ID card.
  • to have your Company / Business details on the ASSDIN web site.
  • to have the association email.
  • and lot more …
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